Ella Delyanis

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Delyanis pastels have been celebrated in gallery shows from Newbury Street to NYC, and grace the walls of some of the largest corporations in New England. The artist, who graduated cum laude from Boston University College of Fine Arts in Painting, spent the last thirty years developing her intensely personal approach to landscape. She strives in her art to capture the natural beauty of her regional surroundings intact, with all the immediacy and freshness of actually being there. Although echoes of the French Barbizon painters and the American Luminists are evident in her work, her artistic voice is entirely her own. On confronting Delyanis' pastels for the first time, one is immediately struck by the remarkable tactile quality which her extreme attention to detail lends her landscapes. Alternating passages of soft and hard focus give her work a lyrical, almost fantasy, quality. She will play the melancholy of a dark pool against the exuberance of a clear blue sky, or a tranquil hillside path with manic sprays of weeds and grasses. In her work one senses a passion rarely seen in contemporary landscape.

Her acclaimed Cape Sunset painting series won a landscape award and was published in the Sept./Oct. 2002 issue of Pastel Artist International. Also to her credit, Delyanis' talent has won her seven major Massachusetts and Museum grants since 1985, most notably a National Endowment for the Arts in Drawing. Her paintings are found in over 35 corporate collections including the outstanding collections of Dunn & Bradstreet, Fidelity Investments, The Bank of Boston and Prudential Insurance.


I have been working in the medium of pastel since the mid-1970's. Over the years, I have experimented with various modes of application, from thin to thick. Currently, I am working on sanded papers, applying the media in numerous heavy layers.

Since moving to Central Massachusetts in 1977, Worcester County landscapes have been my source of artistic expression. I search for locales that offer complex drawing problems in terms of perspective and the variety of individual forms. I have worked directly on site and from photographs that I have taken. I strive to make a dynamic composition come to life in terms of color, texture, and luminosity. My goal is to create a lyrical feeling for the place.

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